Skype video chat – a detailed step by step guide

Skype video chat popularity is increasing day by day, even our grandparents are starting to use Skype video chat these days which is fantastic as it’s a great way to keep in contact and best of all it’s free.

On this section we are going to cover a step by step guide on how to get started with Skype video chat from installation through to how to use it.

Skype video chat – How to get started

First of all you need to install Skype on your computer (or mobile / tablet device) and sign up to Skype, if you have not done so already then don’t worry, we have already written a guide on how you install and sign up to Skype on both computer or mobile and tablet devices. Skype sign up and installation page. Once you have installed and signed up to Skype you are ready to start using Skype video chat.

Adding a new contact

In order to start a Skype video chat or have any communication on Skype with your friends, family or colleagues you need to first add them to your Skype contacts list.

How to add a Skype contact

Depending which version of Skype you are using this process can vary slightly so we will cover both options of how to add a Skype contact.

1. Click on contacts which is located on the top left of the Skype application.
2. Put your cursor over Add Contact and it will bring up two more options; Search Skype directory and save a phone number.
3. Select Search Skype Directory and in the search bar enter the full name, Skype name (if you know it) or email address of the person you would like to add to your contacts.

skype add a contact

4. If you are using the latest version of Skype then you can search by just clicking on the search bar on the home page of your Skype application above your contacts list. For windows 8 users you just need to click on the search glass picture next to the Skype logo on your home page.

skype search a contact

5. Depending on what you searched on it will bring up a list of results, once you have found the person you would like to add then click on the name and select “add to contacts” (in the new version “add to contacts” is located top middle part of the screen.
6. After clicking add to contacts it will bring up a message bar where you can add a personal invitation message, by default it will always show as: Hi “name”, I’d like to add you as a contact. After you complete the message or use the default one then click send. This will notify the person that you have added them and ask them to accept your invite so you can start communicating via Skype.
7. Once your invite has been accepted they will appear on your contacts list on the left hand side of the screen and you will get a message to say your invitation has been accepted. Now you can start using Skype video chat.

How to start a Skype video chat

To start a Skype video chat you need to click on the contact from your contact list that you wish to talk to. After clicking on the contact it will take you onto another screen and at the top of the page there is a camcorder/video logo, click on this button to start a Skype video call.

skype video chat

This will start calling the contact and once they accepted the call your Skype video call will start and you will be able to speak with each other and see each other (if you do not have a web camera then you will only be able to speak and not see the contact).

Make sure your sound volume is up and your microphone on your computer or laptop is also working correct. There is a Skype contact called “Echo / Sound Test Service” that is added to every Skype user to test sound to make sure it’s working correctly.

We hope you have found the Skype video chat guide helpful and hope you enjoy using it.

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