How to get free followers on twitter

how to get free followers on twitter

If you have not yet signed up then you may find our Twitter sign up page useful.

Twitter is one of the world leaders among the main social sites but for most people starting out it can be a bit daunting so today we are going to cover how to get free followers on twitter the simple way.

Tips on how to get free followers on twitter


1. Follow the suggested contacts when signing up

When you first sign up to Twitter you do get an option to follow some users which are generally celebrities whom most of the time will not follow you back (you might be lucky so worth a try).

2. Follow people you already know via AOL, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo

You can find/follow people that you already know via your AOL, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account. You can either do this at the registration stage which is one of the steps or later once you have signed up.

If you decide to do it later then on the right hand side of the screen (under “who to follow” it has a button to find people you know via Google or connect other address books option which will bring up AOL, Outlook and Yahoo. You can then search your existing contacts to see if any of them are already using Twitter already and if so follow them, contacts who you already know are very likely to follow you back.

find people you know on Twitter

3. Update your profile/Bio

On your profile you can add a couple of lines of text about yourself and a picture, try and include interest here and a short bit about yourself so you will appear in searches and people follow you. You can also add a website link too if you run a blog or company website.

4. Search Twitter for friends/colleagues

The Twitter search bar is there for a reason and you can search for friends, family members, colleagues etc by entering their full name and it will bring up a list of results (providing they are using Twitter) and you can follow them, again friends, colleagues and family members are pretty much guaranteed to follow you back.

5. Search Twitter for subjects you are interesting in

As well as searching for people by name on Twitter you can also search by subject/keywords of subjects you are interesting in such as “Games”, “football” and “movies” (can be anything really). When you search it will show you recent Tweets and other users who are talking about the subject you searched for so go get connected with them (and also the company / website fan pages).

You can also filter the search to “people” so it just shows Twitter users, when you search it always shows results based on “everything” but you can filter it down if you wish.

Get following now, the more you follow then the more people will follow you back. For most Twitter users following someone back is a bit of a courtesy but from experience probably for every 5-7 people you follow you should get at least 1 person follow you back which is not bad given it takes but a second to click follow.

6. Tweet regularly

Ok so now you have started following quite a lot of people and a lot of them have returned the favour and followed you back so you need to get Tweeting. You can Tweet about pretty much anything, could be sport related, news, your company/website.. sure you get the idea.

Just also to add that you can only tweet 140 characters so make them count! you can also add a photo too if you wish.
Once you have a few followers you will notice your tweets will start getting Favorited or Retweeted, this is good and basically means your followers are sharing your tweets with their own follows which is a simple way of how to get free followers on twitter

7. Retweet / Favorite

I recently read that on twitter you should follow the 70/30 split process which basically means 30% are your own tweets and the other 70% is Retweeting/Favoriting other peoples tweets, this is supposed to be an effective method of how to get free followers on Twitter and something I have followed myself and it has proven to be effective.

8. Be active

Just signing up to Twitter , setting up a profile and leaving it as that is never going to get you any followers, you need to be active, participate, Retweet and be friendly. Of course don’t just keep spamming the same kind of posts as your Followers may get frustrated and unfollow but like they say “everything in moderation”.

I hope you have found our page on how to get free followers on twitter useful and as you can see it’s all quite straightforward and will become second nature in a matter of days and the problem will become staying away from Twitter.

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