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Today we are going to cover some suggestions for free email accounts for kids, in today’s technology driven world there are lots of ways to get online and with all the devices around such as smart phones, tablets, laptops even digital/smart watches the online world of internet and e-mail is difficult to avoid.

Our kids are introduced into technology a lot earlier these days which is great as it certainly provides an advantage in terms of their education, for social areas and also entertainment such as games and movies but like all parents we want to make sure our kids are as safe as possible online and especially in terms of emails so we decided to make a dedicated page to fee email accounts for kids with some of our suggestions of good and most importantly safe options when you decide to open an email account for your kids.

Free email accounts for kids is a regularly discussed topic by parents all around the world so we hope you find our list of suggestions useful, there are lots of options out there and the key is to find the one that works for you best.

Free email accounts for Kids – Top 4

1 – Tocomail

Free email accounts for Kids

Tocomail is really popular among the free email accounts for kids available, it’s really a great site that was actually created by father whose 7 year son was asking him for an email account so his dad decided to create a safe and child friendly email service called Tocomail and it has really grown into a massive online sensation from there used by lots of parents around the world.

Here are some of the features;

• Safe and free email account and address.
• Tocomail email App with lots of cool features such as: drawing board with stamps, brushes and much more.
• Notifications sent to Smartphone/tablet when email to kids account is received.
• Contact list supervised by parents so you can chose who is safe to email your kid/s.
• Emails from contacts who are not “approved” are kept in separate box until a parent approves or rejects them.
• Bully recognizer will detect and notify parents if there are signs of bullying in the emails.

2 – ZillaDog

zillaDog kids email

ZillaDog has been around a while and is another really successful and popular option that we feel is definitely worth a mention in our list of free email accounts for kids. ZillaDog is designed for kids from the ages of 6 onwards and offers a very safe environment where kids can connect with friends and family with their very own email account.

Here are some of the features;

• ZillaDog uses a filter feature that removes an offensive words from the email.
• The filter feature also gives you the ability to filter out personal information such as address and telephone number to increase safety.
• Blind Copy features means that all emails sent and also received by your kid can also be copied to the parents email address to you can view the emails being sent and received. You can switch this feature off if you wish too but it’s a great idea.
• ZillaChat which is a bit like MSN messenger where your kid can text chat to their friends whom are on their buddy list on Zilla. Parents are also able to login and review the chats.
• Games, there are lots of free games your kid can play once they sign up to ZillaDog such as Angry Birds, Sonic, Pac Man, Kung Fu Panda and many more.

3 – MouseMail


MouseMail is another great contender to our list of free email accounts for kids, it’s another good option that’s fairly similar to ZillaDog and TocoMail with a key focus and emphasis on parental safety. It’s completely free to sign up too and only takes a few moments to do so.

Here are some of the features;

• Email filtering that scans both sent and incoming emails for inappropriate content such as bad language and these emails will NOT be delivered but diverted to the parent to review and either approve is delete.
• WebTXT is basically a text message or SMS service that allows your kid to send a text message from the MouseMail website to a mobile one so your kids can stay in touch with parents or any approved contacts on their Mousemail, this is a great feature and not one that many others offer.
• Highly trusted and recognised safe site that has previously been featured on; CCN, Fox News and USA Today.

4 – Gmail

Gmail kids email

Gmail really doesn’t need much of an introduction, everyone is familiar with Google. Google is the leading and most popular searching engine in the world. Aside from their search engine capabilities they also offer Google mail (Gmail) which is certainly a great choice among the free email accounts for kids available these days.

Just a note that Google does require the account owner to be at least 13 years old so if your kid is younger than that you may want to look at other options or sign up yourself and supervise your kid using the email at all times.

We hope you have found our list of free email accounts for kids helpful and given you a better insight to some of the kids email options out there. If you have any comments or perhaps there is another company you think we should add then please do get in contact.

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