Forgot Godaddy username or customer # – how to retrieve it

forgot godaddy username

I think we have all forgot our Godaddy username one time or another and with so many usernames/ID’s that we have to remember these days it’s not uncommon but don’t worry there are several ways you can solve the issue and today we are going to cover what to do when you have forgot your Godaddy username.

Forgot Godaddy username solution 1 – old emails

The first thing to do is to login to your e-mail that is associated with your Godaddy account and do a search on your mailbox for “Godaddy #” OR “Godaddy customer number” to filter your emails down to just mails received from Godaddy, look for previous domain purchases or even the original welcome message and it will show your customer number which is an 8 digit number that starts with ‘#’. Your customer number effectively also acts as your username so if you are able to find an old Godaddy email containing your customer number then this is a quick solution without going via the customer support facility.

If you are not able to find your customer number from looking back at old e-mails then don’t worry there is still another way to get it via their website;

1. Visit the Godaddy home page.
2. Click on ‘sign in’ (top right of the screen).
3. Click on “forgot your password?”
4. This will take you onto the “Account assistance” page and you want to click on the third option down “retrieve my customer #” and it will take you onto a new page/field.
5. You now need to enter Your domain name, email address and fill out the security field.

retrieve godaddy customer number

6. Once you have completed this you will get an confirmation email from Godaddy with your customer number.

Solution 2 – Call Godaddy Support

If you are still having issues then the last resort is to call Godaddy 24/7 support line and they will be able to help you retrieve your Godaddy username/customer number, I would recommend that you have the following information ready to make the process as straight forward as possible so Godaddy can verify you are the Account owner and solve the issue if you forgot Godaddy username or password;

• Your domain name information.
• Email address that is associated with your account.
• Your account secret question answer.

Depending on which country you are calling from the Godaddy support telephone number will of course be different but the number will be shown for your country on the Godaddy website on the top navigation bar.

godaddy telephone support
Here are the UK and US 24/7 Go daddy customer support numbers;

UK 24/7 Support: 020 7084 1810
US 24/7 Support: (480) 505 8877

We hope this post has helped you if you forgot Godaddy username or your Customer number.

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