Email address ideas

If you need some help with email address ideas then this post should help you out. With the massive amount of online users these days it’s no longer simple to get a simple email address, even your name is probably already taken by another user so it’s a daily problem where we run into issues coming up with email address ideas.

What makes a good email address

A good email address should be;

    • Easy to remember.
    • Relevant to you (name / nickname / interests / age / memorable information).
    • Not too easy that you could risk having your details compromised.
    • Available for you to use and not already taken by another user.

Email address options

The first thing you need to do is figure out what email provider you want to use, there are literally loads of options out there but the main and most popular ones are;

email address ideas

– Google Mail (we previously covered the gmail sign up if you need some help getting started).
– Yahoo Mail
– Outlook (windows).
– Apple Mail (Mac users)
– Thunderbird
– Sky Email (if your provider is Sky).
– BT Email (if your provider is BT)

If you are using the above Email client’s then they do all (I believe) have a suggestion option when choosing an email address if your preferred option is available.

For example if you enter: Mrexample @ and it shows as not available then it will give you some other options like; Mrexample18723 @ or Mrexample121 @ but generally they just add extra numbers at the end which doesn’t really make them memorable so here is some suggestions to get better email address ideas if yours is not available;

  1. Add your date of birth year at the end of the address.
  2. Add your age at the end of the address (or middle in between words).
  3. Add your favorite number at the end (or middle).
  4. Add one of your hobbies into the address.
  5. Add your favorite color into the address.
  6. Try another provider, if your preference is not available on Gmail then perhaps try Yahoo if you are not too fussed about using either one.

If you are still having trouble then we recommend using an email generator – they are really clever sites that give you email address suggestions after you give them two words (interests) and from there they generate random email address ideas for you. We previously did a post on email generators.

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