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Email address generators are a great idea if you cannot think of a good or suitable email address name to use and thankfully there are quite a few websites out there to help come up with some suggestions, these are called email address generator sites and today we are going to cover a few that we believe are worth a noteworthy mention and cover how they work.

The sites available vary but generally they ask you to add a prefix (beginning word) and suffix (end part of the address) and the email address generator will fill in the middle part with a random word to give you a full email address suggestion.

You select prefix: ‘The’
Suffix: ‘’

Then the email generator will come up with a random word in-between to give you a new email address that is not already taken. Here are the results for the example;,,

You can keep pressing the ’email address generator’ button until you get the combination you like and want to use. It’s a good idea to keep the site open to make sure your favorite address is available with your email host before you leave.

Email address generator sites we recommend

Here are two of the many email address generator sites around that we like and recommend the most;

1. Name Generator email address generator is very straight forward and works exactly the same as our example where you just need to select two words (start and end) and the generator will come up with a random middle word to complete the address, if you do not like it then just keep clicking generate until you find one you like.

2. Spinxo

Spinxo email address generator  has a bit more detail to it than the other email address generator sites around as it covers usernames suggestions too for social media and even checks for availability for the generated names. (includes Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and Reddit).
email address generator

We hope you have found the post useful and hopefully it saves you some time next time you are trying to think of a new email address or username name, keep it simple and stress free and use an email address generator.


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