Change password on Yahoo mail – step by step guide

In today’s technology dominant world it’s important you know how to change password on Yahoo mail or any mail service you are using for your own security purposes.

If you have not yet signed up for Yahoo mail then you may wish to view our Yahoo mail sign up page.

It’s very important that you change your Yahoo mail password regularly, I would say at least every 6 months if you can and stay away from using obvious passwords like “abc123”. It’s best to stick to difficult passwords such as combining your favourite place (or person) and you’re lucky numbers for example to make a password that people are less likely to guess. Make sure you always add a capital letter and number/s to your password too.

How to change password on Yahoo mail

1. First of all visit the Yahoo website.

2. On the top right of the screen there are two options “sign in” and “mail”, click on either of them and they will take you to the sign in page.

3. Once you are on the sign in page below the sign in button there is a link called “I cannot access my account” which we have shown an example of too (we have underlined it red). click on this link.

change password on yahoo mail

4. You will be then taken onto a “How can we help you?” page that gives you 3 options;

1. I have a problem with my password.
2. I forgot my Yahoo ID.
3. I think my account may have been compromised.

In this example as we want to just change password on yahoo mail we are going to select option 1.

5. Once you have selected option 1 it will take you to a new page and ask you to enter your Yahoo mail ID.

6. Now, depending on what preference you have selected and what’s on your profile file you can reset your password by;

1. Sending an email to your alternate email address to reset your password.

2. Mobile phone (most recommended) Yahoo will text you a code to input so you can reset
your password with the code via their site.

3. Secret question that you set up when signing up to Yahoo, enter the answer to your
secret question so you can reset your password.

We hope you have found our step by step guide on how to change password on yahoo mail helpful and please remember to change your password frequently and also add your mobile number to your account for maximum security.

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