Buy skype credit – A detailed step by step guide

How to buy skype credit is a commonly asked question among new skype users.  On this information page we will explain How Skype Credits work, what they are used for and how you can buy skype credit.

If you have not yet signed up to skype then our Skype sign up section could be useful to you.

How Skype Credits work

Credits on Skype are used as a currency to pay for Skype products and services (worldwide calls / SMS and WiFi) that are not part of their free services such as video/text chatting, sending files and images. You can buy skype credits via several payment options and the credits will be displayed on your skype account and deducted whenever you use the paid Skype services.

What can I use Skype Credits for

Skype credits are mainly used for sending SMS (text messages) and making calls to landlines and mobiles around the World. They offer a very competitive and attractive rates for worldwide calling and SMS which appeals to a lot of user’s in today’s age whom are often travelling, living or working away from home or perhaps not able to visit in person.

The other main use for credits is for the Skype WiFi service which has become very popular and Skype now have over 2,000,000 WiFi hotspots worldwide for Skype users.

How to buy Skype Credit

There are two ways of buying Skype Credits;

Buy skype credit Option 1

The first option is to go onto Skype’s websites and hover the cursor over the prices button and click on “rates” (on this page you can also get information country calling rates and more information on credits buy Skype credit ).

On the page there is a buy Skype credit link which will take you to the skype credit page where you can select the amount you would like to add, there is also an auto charge option you can tick which will automatically renew your credit (and recharge you) when you are running low on Skype credit.

buy skype credit

Once you have selected the amount you would like to add you will be taken onto the Skype login page where you need to add you username and password. After you login successfully it will take you onto a billing page where you will need to add your billing address and payment information.

You can pay for skype credits by;  your debit card, Paypal, Skrill, bank transfer, Maestro, Ukash, Playspan and Sofortbanking. Once you have entering your payment option you just need to click Pay Now to complete the process. If you have selected Paypal for example then you will be led to another page to enter your Paypal account details to complete the transaction.

After completing and making the payment your Skype Credit total will be displayed on Skype and deducted each time you use and of their paid services.

Buy skype credit Option 2

The second option is directly via the Skype software (or App), you can do this by clicking the Skype button then clicking the buy Skype Credit option which is the fifth down on the list and this will take you to the Skype website and same payment process page as the above, it’s simply another way of accessing the page.

buy skype credit

We hope you have found the page useful and given you a better understanding of How Skype Credit works and how to buy skype credit.

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